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Last Updated 5/30/2002

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Paul has scanned a number of the older Stud Books into Microsoft Word 97, and will do more as time permits.  These documents are formatted as closely as possible to the original Stud Books.  Each book includes everything in the original: Cover pages, Officers and Clubs, Rules for Registration, Table of Contents, Photographs, Show Schedules, Grand Championships and Championships awarded, and Index, as well as all the Stud Book entries, Foundation Record entries, Transfers To Stud Book, Transfers Of Ownership,  Cattery Name Additions, and Corrections / Omissions for  both longhaired cats and shorthaired cats, as appropriate for the respective association and Stud Book volume.   Text appearing in italics is a comment or correction by Paul, and does not appear in the original Stud Book.
Considerable effort has been made to correct scanner errors.  However, these documents have not been independently proofed or edited, so there may be errors. If anyone finds errors when compared to the original Stud Books,  please email Paul Russell.  Corrections will be posted to the appropriate linechasers list(s), and will be reflected in the Stud Book(s) when new versions are posted.

The CFA Stud Books were prepared in cooperation with Claudia Myers of the Stud Book Fanciers Association. 

All Stud Books are in Microsoft Word 97 format.  If you do not have Word 97, you'll need to download the Word 97 Viewer.  The files have been zipped to save space and download time, so you'll also need access to a compatible unzip program (there are many free utilities to manage zip files on the ZDNet Download site)..

These files may be freely redistributed as long as the entire file is distributed as is, including all document information and notices contained in the original.  However, these files may not be sold or otherwise distributed for a fee.  Ownership of and all other rights to the files are  retained by their creator, Paul G. Russell.

A special thanks to Debbie Carney for making space available to host many of these documents, which are too large to fit on the LeBordo web site.  Copies of the original Stud Books are currently available as follows:
ACA Stud Books     CFA Stud Books     CFF Stud Books     USR Stud Book

studbookpicture1.gif (10867 bytes)

ACA Stud Books (Note that the ACA Stud Books have no pictures, so they are smaller files)

The following Cumulative Indexes are not ACA documents, but were created by Paul Russell from
the individual indices to the original ACA Stud Books.

CFA Stud Books




CFF Stud Books  

  • Vols. 5, 6 & 10  (739 K)
    Published as a single volume.   A special thanks to Erin Vosburgh for loaning me this volume!

USR Stud Book

  • Vol. 1   (2.69 MB)
    Published in 1906, this is the only volume published by The United States Official Register Association., Inc.  Used by the U.S. Customs Service to identify purebred cats exempt from U.S. Import Tariffs. Includes more than 60 photos, numerous drawings, and a fascinating 6 1/2 page "Preface" which discusses the history of this Stud Book and the state of the U.S. Cat Fancy (from the USR prospective).

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